Summary :
External Transcolumellar Approach
Other surgical approaches
Deviated noses
Augmentation rhinoplasty
Functional graft
Graft of the nasal tip
Secondary rhinoplasties

Chap II - External Transcolumellar Approach

Fig. 1

Surgical approaches to the nasal tip are diverse and can be divided into :
- Endo-nasal and
- External approaches through :a trans-columellar incision ,

The external approach permits direct observation of areas that cannot be visualized with other techniques

The trans-columellar permits to produce Symetric cartilaginous structures by measured Resections , by Sutures techniques and by Placement of Grafts. (see Chapt V, VI, VII ) .

The columellar incision is very short no longer than 5- 6 mm on the surface and 1- 2 mm laterally ; in fact , the scar is shorter than the external scars after alar resections , and is located in a zone of shadow comparable to submental area from a face lift , chin augmentation or submental liposuction . the scar is generally not a problem if the patient is satisfied with the result and he generally cannot see it unless the tip of the nose is elevated.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2 Nasal Hump resection

Fig. 3 Lateral 0steotomy

Fig. 4 Before

Fig. 4 After

Fig. 4
Secondary Rhinoplasty correction has been performes by strentghtening the tip supports with a columellar graft

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