Doctor Gilbert AIACH is a plastic surgeon in Paris and his practice is exclusively devoted to rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common of all plastic surgery operations  .It is also a fascinating operation because various deformities of the nose can be changed in 1 to 2 hours.
The ultimate goal of modern rhinoplasty is to make a pleasing nose which looks natural and fits with the facial features , with the patient's psychology and to preserve or improve breathing . Rhinoplasty is not an easy operation because no two noses are quite alike and besides a complete preoperative analysis a great accuracy is required in surgical maneuvers. This needs a solid experience , a good mastering of techniques and a good artistic and psychologic sense .

This Atlas is decribes the Open or Transcolumellar approach . Only some excerpts from the book are included in this website .
- The main chapter (chap II) describes the technique of the Open approach . The open approach is performed via a short 4 - 5 mm incision placed between the two nostril orifices and this offers the surgeon an excellent view on the cartilaginous structures which can be modifyed with accuracy.
- In chapters V, VI, VII are treated Cartilage grafts which are an important part of the rhinoplasty procedure , these grafts are used to correct unbalanced nose , to improve the shape of the nose and to improve the function .
- Chapter VIII deals with Secondary rhinoplasty and describes the various deformities resulting from previous operations and their potential correction . Twenty demonstrative cases are presented.

This Atlas includes 550 excellent photographs and diagramms . 51 clinical cases are presented with pre and post operative photographs.

Summary :
External Transcolumellar Approach
Other surgical approaches
Deviated noses
Augmentation rhinoplasty
Functional graft
Graft of the nasal tip
Secondary rhinoplasties

« Atlas of RHINOPLASTY :Open and Endonasal Approaches»
2 nd edition
by : Gilbert AIACH M.D .-with the collaboration of Lucien Gomulinski M.D.,
Edited by Quality Medical Publishing- Saint Louis , Missouri
« This brillantly illustrated atlas has been totally revised and updated. . Chapters have been logically arranged beginningwith surgical anatomy and proceeding through the analysis of more sophiticated problems. The latest surgical techniques are shown in clear, tep by step progression. Numerous pre and postoperative illustrations document the excellent results that can be achieved with these techniques  »

- France : ATLAS de RHINOPLASTIE et de la Voie d'Abord Externe
(2ème édition -1996)
Auteur : Gilbert AIACH avec la collaboration de Lucien Gomulinski

- Italie: Atlante di rinoplastica e della via d'accesso esterna Ed. Masson. Milano

- Espagne: Atlas de Rhinoplastia y de via de abordare externo. Ed Masson; Barcelona

- Brésil: Atlas de Rhinoplastia e da via de Abordagem Externa; Edition Di-Livros Rio de Janeiro

The doctors AIACH and DURON are rhinoplasty specialist in Paris